Ghost Tour

Come with us for a journey into Prague's dark past! Whether you ask the books of ancient lore, or you talk to the old residents, one is certain: this place lives a double life...

Perhaps no city has the same tradition of the supernatural as Prague. In the shelves of the ancient National Library, you can find dozens of dust covered books full of accounts that transcend physical. At Prague Telltale, we have curated a selection of the best stories of horror and the paranormal that sit in the back of the mind of all locals when they walk the cobbled alleys at night. Come hear stories that explore the ravages of plague, spiritism and hubris, all told with unparalleled attention to narrative and atmosphere.
Discover the beautiful churches, hidden alleyways and secret graveyards that populate the Old Town and learn the mystic formula behind Prague's legendary Golem. Get to know the forgotten history of Prague's oldest hospital, the malicous spirits of the crypts, and learn what lurks in the shadows.

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